"Knowing I would see Kaylynn on the wedding day helped me feel a sense of calmness. She was readily available to discuss any concerns related to timing, wedding day picture locations, and logistics of the night. Somehow, she got a picture of everyone at the reception even though we had a cocktail style reception which makes it more difficult. Again, her passion for her work came through when she suggested additional pictures that she felt looked good with the lighting and in certain parts of the venue."

"...If you notice, everyone in her photos always seem so very happy. She has this way of capturing pure joy that is so beautiful--that's why I knew she was the right choice! Our pictures turned out to be everything I wanted and more. If I have the opportunity to use her again in the future, I'd totally do it and I'd recommend to her to anyone. She was the BEST vendor we worked with for the wedding and an absolute joy to to work with."

"For the portraits and staged photos, she was a great communicator and very quick and efficient. She is so friendly and approachable as well. Sometimes getting portraits/staged pictures taken can feel awkward but she makes you at ease and gives you guidance to ensure you will look great in the shots." 

"KM captured so many sweet, genuine moments that we'll treasure forever... as a business woman she is responsive, knowledgeable, and generous - an email never went unanswered and she pretty much planned our entire timeline for the night based on the light at our location for that exact day... she went as far as visiting the venue exactly one year beforehand to make sure we had everything timed just right."

"She was very direct and helpful. She does an amazing job getting everybody (in our case almost 20 people) in the bridal party to do what she needs. She was super quick and efficient when it came to getting a lot of pictures taken in a short amount of time. Our pictures look gorgeous and it is thanks to her! Her assistant was also great. Together they got all the pictures we wanted. They were always there and worked well with our wedding planner on all the details. They made the whole process easy and comfortable."